Feature Film

90-minute Animation Feature Film in Full HD
Romance, targeted at youth and young adults
Music by Chien Yao (2006, Best Original Film Song, Hong Kong Film Awards)
Dolby Digital by Du-Chih Tu (2001, Grand Prix Technique, Festival de Cannes)
Voice and theme song by Sinje Lee (2001, Best Newcomer Awards, Berlin Film Festival)

Can love happen anytime, anywhere, or with anyone? Can love be told by a piece of music or painting?
Ying was born to be a creative guitar player. She is generous, outgoing, and mature. Jingshan is good at drawing and photography. He is quiet and sensitive. Jingshan is not the type that Ying would fall in love at first sight, but all their friends say they look particularly alike. For a while, they begin to feel the same way. Perhaps for this reason, they become a couple. Their look, accent, and even act become similar. They are not only like a couple but also brother and sister.
Ying never believes in fate, and she is convinced that fate is just a reason to believe the theory of emotions. Emotional people tend to believe in fate, but are also disappointed in it. However, the first time she undresses in front of Jingshan and finds the mole on his right shoulder, she can not help but believe in fate, because she has the same mole on her left shoulder. As to Jingshan, he is more readily to believe in their destiny. But they are not clear that, in fact, love is not a math or physical formula. It is not fixed, but is variable.
In this trip, Ying and Jingshan both agree to separate for 2 years and only send one email per month to each other to report their recent situations. You could say they are too confident to see what love is. With the confidence, they know each other deeper, but is also gradually losing the other. However, if they didn't make this decision, how could they realize love is so fragile but powerful?