Project F - Evolution Revolution

26 x 22minutes 2D Animations in Full HD
Action, targeted at youth and young adults
Animations with E-Comic and 3D web game
This program is a powerful multi-media choice. It connects animations, E-comics, and web games closer than ever by providing web gamers and E-Comic readers with a direct access to the animations. While playing games or reading comics, audience will have a chance to get a trailer or an a-couple-of-minute animation clip as a reward. The connection is right away.

Dragon City, a city in which social status is built based on the official combat results, encourages its people to fight for the noble status to own the power beyond the law. A man without memory "Shin-Yi" is forced to fight and recall his destiny, but there is no way back in the endless series of brutal competitions. Seeing so many unfair events in this society, he awakens and devotes himself to waking the mistreated people up to fight for the equality! Since that moment, the nonstop attacks and assassinations have happened to him from the official combat party "License to Fight" and the underground party "Tai-Ping-Party". But Shin-Yi swears to free the people in the universe at any price he has to pay.