Starry Honey(in progress)

52 x 11minutes 2D Animation Series
Romance and Adventure, targeted at kids aged 6-12
Full HD
In the vast universe there are many countries. The stars of Milky Way form mysterious constellations where Star Kingdom is located. There are twelve strongest stars to protect the Kingdom's security. The Earth is allied with Star Kingdom and both of them are full of peace. Somehow, a force of evil from the underground kingdom arises. Monsters of the underground kingdom often intrude on human life. King of the Earth is aware of this, so he asks for Star Kingdom's help. The king of Star Kingdom sends four star witches to protect the human world, but people have to learn how to protect themselves. Sashar, Lee, Mia, and Tila are girls with star witches' potential. In order to protect the earth, they begin to learn how to use their power. A gorgeous, incredible adventure is taking off.